First Aid If the Phone Splashed

Water has become like the main enemy for electronic goods, especially for mobile phones . Some cellphones are waterproof, but the majority are very vulnerable to water attacks.

Here are some tips, if your cell phone plunged into water that might be useful in the middle of the rainy season and the current flood disaster.

1. Don’t turn on the cellphone

One thing you have to do when your phone splashes into water is to turn off the device immediately. Do not try to turn it back on, because the components inside the cellphone have electricity flowing through the battery. Electricity is very unfriendly to water. If left alive, then the other components of the cellphone will slowly be damaged.

2. Open the entire cellphone cover

Then you have to open the entire cellphone cover like a jelly case or the back casing cover (for phones that still use non-planted batteries). Also remove the sim card and external memory card. If you have experience, please open all parts of the phone so the water can dry faster.

But you must be careful when opening all components of the cell phone. If you don’t know what you are doing, this can cause more harm than returning your cellphone to its original state.

3. Put your cell phone in rice

Rice has a high absorption of water. Take enough rice into the container then put your wet cell phone into it then let stand for 24 hours. If after that your cellphone is still having problems, immediately put it back in rice for the next 24 hours. Then your cell phone will function again.

4. Use Silica Gel

Silica Gel is well known as a good moisturizing agent. You can try using this object in the same way as using rice.

5. Do not use a hair dryer or drying your cell phone in direct sunlight.

This method may look instant and promising in the process of drying your cell phone. But you need to know, high temperatures can damage some components of your cell phone. This will only make your phone problematic later on.