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          Dv/dt filter
          Dv/dt filterUF Series
          Product introduction
          Dv/dt filter size is small, no fan, because the use of the materials and components for high performance after the harsh environment testing.
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          One, product description

          1. Current: 16 ~ 1500 (A)

          2. Voltage: 1000VAC

          3. Attenuation: 6kV/us ~ 500V/us

          4. Option: three phase filter can be adjusted according to customer specific requirements, modify.

          Two, product use    
              For the motor cable between the motor and frequency converter(inverter output).

          Three, product features
              Harmonic filter size is small, no fan, because the use of the materials and components for high performance after the harsh environment testing.
          Four, the technical parameters

          Output impedance: 0.1 (K Ω

          Input impedance: 0.5 (K Ω

          The stopband attenuation (dB): 10

          Insertion loss (dB): 50

          The reference temperature: -20 ~ 80 (c)

          Drive level: 10 (mW)

          Load resonant resistance: 10 (Ω

          The load capacitance (pF): 100

          The total frequency difference: 0.5 ~ 0.1 (MHz)

          The temperature and frequency difference: 0.5 (MHz)

          Adjust the frequency difference: 1 (MHz)

          The nominal frequency: 10 (MHz)

          Category: filter

          Model No.: UF-010

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