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          Feedback reactor
          Feedback reactorSTS-CKSG Serise
          Product introduction
          Feedback reactor with high temperature, high pressure level 200 polyamide argon amine enameled wire, dv/dt pulse impact the enameled wire can bear higher in the circuit..
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          One, product introduction
                 Renewable energy generated Inverter Braking feedback to the power grid, and utilized, but the rectifying unit is IGBT, the harmonic current will produce more,and then to the pollution of power grid. So in the inverter is added in front of the feedback reactor and a filter to improve the quality of electric energy.
          Two, performance specification

          1 feedback reactor with high temperature, high pressure level 200 polyamide argon amine enameled wire, dv/dt pulse impact the enameled wire can bear higher in the circuit;;

          2 feedback reactor using imported materials, the iron loss is low, high frequency,strong overload capacity, the magnetostrictive coefficient is zero;

          3 feedback reactor with no air gap structure, not only has the advantages of simple structure, beautiful appearance, and the magnetic flux leakage of small,long time no change in inductance and reliable.
          Three. Technical parameters

          Working voltage: 3*220 ~ 1140 (VAC)

          Rated current: 5 ~ 2000 (A)

          Use scope: Adapter Converter Power 2.2 ~ 1200 (KW)

          Motor frequency: 50HZ

          The switching frequency: 1.5 ~ 16 (KHZ)

          The pressure drop (UK):<12% (rated voltage, 50HZ and constant current)

          The harmonic voltage: THD<5%

          Operating and storage: -40 ~ +85 (c)

          Insulation grade: H

          Shell protection grade: IPOO/IP23

          Humidity: 0 ~ 98 (%), no condensation

          Height: <2000M

          Design standards: EN61558-2-20 (VDE0570-2-20), GB14549-93
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