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          Application cases

          Project management 1# loader harmonic two company

                  Since two, Rizhao Port often occurs with 1# loading machine, belt weigher of converter tripping failure and other problems, through the analysis of the systemfound belt scale 1# loading machine is the use of sensitive equipment, inverterwill cause by conduction, induction and other methods to belt weigher controllingsystem harmonic pollution, which affects the stability and belt scale measurementaccuracy, at the same time, the service life of the equipment, safety operationadversely affected. Therefore, according to the field test, installation of 4 sets ofSTS025APF43L/LL active power filter in 1# loading machine of low voltage power distribution room, can eliminate harmonic current dynamic distribution networkusing STS025APF43L/LL active power filter, eliminates harmonic current onaffecting the normal operation of equipment, total harmonic current distortionafter filtering rate is less than 5%, in line with national standards, can beeliminating harmonic pollution loading machine fundamentally, also a greenelectricity environment.

          Installation diagram

             Installation of 4 sets of Sinexcel 025APF43L/HL-A active power filter in 1# loadingmachine and low voltage power distribution room

          Scene photos

           The comparison of test data

                                           STS APF open                                   STS APF after open

          STS APF open spectrum

          After opening STS APF spectrum

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