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    Application cases

    Transformer power contribute to our company for th

    The Three Gorges dam water conservancy project by the dam release flood waters, sedimentsystem and water diversion and power generation system is composed of three parts, engineeringscale, strict operational requirements, by the Chinese and foreign water conservancy experts asone of the world's most complex engineering. Party and state leaders are very concerned about the construction.

    The project headquarters out of the brand, quality, service and safety and environmentalconsiderations, insulation insulation dry-type power transformer with our. As the Three Gorges damwater conservancy project electrical parts suppliers to provide engineering, SC (B) series of resin,SG (B) class 10H insulation dry-type power transformer 12. The product is officially put into use after the operation, with outstanding performance, users get smaller in partial discharge, low noise,heat dissipation capability is strong, can load long-term operation and other aspects of the approvalin 125% rated in the forced air cooling conditions.

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